14 Hair Masks That’ll Transform Dry, Damaged Strands

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Even knowing that dryness and breakage are on the horizon, we're tempted by the perfect shade of blond (or copper or mulled wine), tousled waves, and bouncy, diffused curls. The saving grace? Hair masks.

As someone who has dry, damaged ends from years of heat styling, using a deep conditioning mask is really the only way to keep my hair healthy.

I have fine frizzy curly hair and it's nearly impossible to find products that deliver enough hydration without weighing my curls down.

The repairing mask is packed with artichoke leaf extract, smart keratin, and amino acids to smooth and soften hair in five minutes flat.

Whether you've gone platinum and are paying the price, fully intend to be buried with your curling wand, or just have thirsty hair, these deep-conditioning masks will give you strong, healthy hair again.

It kept my blond from turning brassy and made my hair feel softer and more hydrated, and most important, it's reasonably priced.

My scalp is so healthy thanks to using my mask before shampooing and my dry, curly hair is much softer and more manageable.

I've got thick, frizzy hair that needs as much moisture as possible, which is why I'm obsessed with this mask.

What I love about Prose is that its products are custom-blended just for your hair with ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, maca root, silk proteins, and hyaluronic acid—after you fill out a quick and easy online questionnaire.

My hair is naturally super straight and super fine, which means it's both prone to heat damage and easily weighed down by anything too deep conditioning. Not an ideal situation.

This one hits every mark: Even rough, thirsty hair soaks it right up, it rinses out easily, and leaves my dry curls incredibly soft and shiny.

It’s not cheap (my stylist recommended I buy it in bulk on Amazon), but if you're regularly shelling the cash to dye your hair to Olaplex-necessitating levels, don't skimp out on another $30 at the end.

It's light enough that you can use it every day if you want, but I prefer using it during longer showers to refresh my hair and scalp.

Ouai recently relaunched its fan-favorite hair mask in a convenient tube (it was previously sold in individual packets).

I've put my hair through every imaginable kind of breakage-causing stress—bleach, dye, hot tools, you name it—so I know a thing or two about hair masks.

I have a love-hate relationship with hair masks, mostly because I find that none really does what it says it will to my thick, wavy, coarse hair.

I'm a huge fan of this Garnier hair mask.

It's cheap, which is great because I have long hair and can go through an entire tub in no time.

It makes tangles fall out, and leaves my hair hydrated in a way that never happens for my eternally dry curls.

It also smells amazing (but not too fragrant) and definitely does the trick of making my hair look shiny and strong.

This at-home treatment strengthens the bonds in my hair, keeping me from looking like I’ve got a pile of sad, overgrown straw on my head.

This one does a fantastic job keeping my stressed hair nourished, silky, and soft.

Having dry, damaged hair is one of those uncomfortable predicaments you'll probably encounter at least once in your life.

I use it about once a week, leave it in for about 10 minutes—long enough for my hair to absorb the nutrients and let the argan oil work its magic—and rinse.

After just one use, it made my bleach-damaged hair so soft I couldn't help but pet it all day.

After five to 10 minutes, my hair is noticeably shinier and healthier-looking.

Regardless of hair type, length, or texture, there are few among us who can resist heat-styling or chemically changing ours up.

One caveat: The smell is strongly herbal, so I plan to use it only when my hair really needs a boost.

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