Wait, Is Bernie Sanders an Arianator?

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Thank you Senator Sanders for coming to my show, making my whole night, and for all that you stand for! " she captioned two photos of herself with Sanders on Instagram after the concert. "Proud of my fans for paying attention and getting involved. We adore you!

While no video footage of Sanders at the concert has surfaced just yet, we should've seen this coming when he replied to Grande's "baby how u feelin" Lizzo quote tweet with "Ready to fight for Medicare for All" in October.

While Grande has not reached Cardi B levels when it comes to championing Sanders (or any other candidate) for president, it seems that she does support him somewhat, according to her comments on social media. "MY GUY.

The middle section of the Venn diagram of Ariana Grande fans and Bernie Sanders supporters may have just grown larger, if it even existed at all before.

The Vermont senator and presidential candidate took time out from his preparations for the Democratic debate (which will be held on the grounds of Tyler Perry's 330-acre studios) to attend the Atlanta leg of Grande's Sweetener world tour on Tuesday night.

Sanders commented on the post to thank the singer "for not only being a wonderful entertainer but also for being such an outstanding advocate for social justice.

What Was Bernie Sanders Doing at an Ariana Grande Concert?

What Was Bernie Sanders Doing at an Ariana Grande Concert?

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