Raspberry Bourbon Hair Is the Perfect Way to Go Red This Season

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It's perfect for the colder weather. "I think Raspberry Bourbon hair color is so appealing because it feels like highlights for the winter," Devon Toth, hairstylist at New York based Salon SCK, tells Glamour. "It's an unexpected way of brightening up your hair color during a season when people typically take their hair shade a bit darker.

Both experts are quick to point out that this particular shade needs some extra TLC because red trends to fade much faster than other colors. "Make sure you use color safe products to prevent your hair from oxidizing," says Brown. "Don’t take too-hot showers, the water should be as cool as you can take it so your hair doesn’t oxidize.

Stephanie Brown, master colorist at New York's IGK Salon Soho, says she's recently noticed an uptick in her brunette clients trying red shades and credits Zendaya's gorgeous copper shade at the Emmys. "Seeing how amazing it looks on her is probably why people are wanting to play with reds now—maybe not as bold, but are trying more of an ombré with it," she says.

He also suggests going into your salon for a monthly gloss. "What I like about this is you can enjoy some of the color fade before it gets too aggressive, and while you're in the salon, they can really richen up your roots with a single process as well," he says.

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