Billie Eilish Had a Blast Asking Kids Where They Go When They Fall Asleep

Curated via Twitter from W Magazine’s twitter account….

Things got extra creepy from there, when a boy told EIlish that he not only dreams of Pennywise, the evil clown from the IT franchise, but that he’s seen him in real life. "I brought him here," the boy said. "He's on top of your head.

He's sitting on your head and eating candy and he's eating a cat and he's eating a dog and a duck and a fox and a person. "You're a weird little dude,” Eilish replied.

One girl, meanwhile, told Eilish that she begins bedtime by praying and then becomes a bona fide zombie killer. “So right after that you go and fight zombies, after your Spanish prayer? ” a bemused Eilish asked.

Eilish sat down with a bunch of young children to ask them the question, “When we fall asleep, where do we go? ”— which also happens to be the title of her juggernaut debut album.

Newly-minted Grammy nominee Billie Eilish stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, for a perfect bit that frankly, we’re surprised hasn’t happened sooner.

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