"Raspberry Bourbon" Is New Way to Add Rich Red Highlights to Brown Hair

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It also makes the hair have a ton of dimension," says Sally Hershberger Hudson Yards senior colorist Nikki Ferrara, who says that the look is probably most easily achieved on someone who already has medium to dark brown hair. "The best thing would either be a partial or full balayage highlight first, followed by a medium reddish-brown gloss to cover the highlights.

Pennsylvania-based stylist Erika Rohrbach, who did the two beautiful looks above, tells Allure that the one below was achieved on who had some grown-out blonde highlights throughout her naturally medium brown hair. "I used a warm brown base color to give her a rooted look and used a demipermanent red glaze to cover her grown-out highlights," Rohrbach says.

Photos posted by stylists and colorists on Instagram show deep brown hair that has been brightened up with red tones — some warmer auburn, some more on the berry side, but all with the same outcome: a blend of brunette and red that conjures images of a swirling raspberry bourbon drink. "I like it because it’s a way for a brunette to have red hair with minimal commitment.

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