The Internet’s Newest Boyfriend Protesting the Government Is Steaming Up Twitter

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

The 32-year-old actor joined in activist Jane Fonda’s ongoing “Fire Drill Fridays” protests in front of the Capitol building, and gave a speech that highlighted legal action that Filipino citizens are taking against corporate climate polluters. “Climate deniers are attempting to deflect our attention,” he said, jawline slicing through the air like a knife juggler’s tools. “Rather than finding policy solutions, they’re highlighting the need for our individual changes,” he continued, as falling raindrops sizzled on his skin, pooling in the hollows under his cheekbones. “And yes, while our individual actions are important—like eating less meat or conscious transportation choices—we cannot be taken in by this deflection campaign and must push for policy reform," he said, shimmering with sweet, hot indignation.

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