A Guide to Traveling When You're Transgender

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For example, if you’re wearing a binder, pull the agent aside and say, “This is a chest binder I wear to make my chest appear smaller, because of my gender identity and presentation. ” Having a prepared response in advance can alleviate anxiety, and if you can provide an answer with confidence, you may be able to avoid further questioning.

ProPublica recently reviewed all data that’s publicly available regarding complaints against the TSA and found that five percent of civil rights complaints filed with the TSA between January of 2016 and April of 2019 were from trans and gender-nonconforming individuals, despite the fact that we make up less than one percent of the population.

For any trans or gender non-conforming individual, being aware of the potential for any of these possibilities can cause anxiety before one even sets foot in an airport.

Every trans person I know has an airport story, often involving an inadvertent misunderstanding with a TSA agent, others with more intentional malice and discrimination.

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