Here's How Zendaya Uses Overtone to Get Her Signature Red Hair Color at Home

Curated via Twitter from Allure’s twitter account….

I used to hate it when I was younger, and then I decided I was going to get Invisalign or something, [but] I was like, 'No, fuck that. ' And I kept it, and I’m glad I kept it. __Z: __"Coloring my hair because I use this stuff called Overtone.

Allure talked to her about her current beauty obsession (it has to do with her nails), her favorite shortcuts (a pigmented hair conditioner), and the most-used item in her shower (an anti-dandruff shampoo).

ZENDAYA: "The three people on my glam team: You got Law [Roach]; my stylist, Ursula [Stephen], on hair; Sheika [Daley] on makeup.

And the soft, opalescent kind of makeup was really nice. __Z: __"I’m assuming Aquaphor because we always have tubs of Aquaphor in our house.

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