Sarah Hyland: That Shag You Saw Everywhere "Wasn't Really a Haircut"

Curated via Twitter from POPSUGAR Beauty’s twitter account….

During a recent Olay interview with the actress, in between sound bites like "Ugh, I have so many freaking beauty products it’s insane," and in response to POPSUGAR’s post about her new and trendy shag haircut, she laughs and says outright: "Here’s the thing, it wasn’t really a haircut — we just took out my extensions.

How did you think I grew two feet of hair? (In our defense, she also added, "everyone is used to seeing me with extensions as Haley Dunphy [on Modern Family], but then it’s gone as soon as a season ends". ) Hyland tilts her head back at the thought and lets out a cackle so soft, you might mistake it for a snort.

To no surprise, she kept with that stream of honesty as she shared everything from her approach to self-care to the beauty products boyfriend Wells Adams steals from her stash, ahead — which will all but convince you she’s one other thing, too: refreshing.

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