Your Best Hair Ever, Courtesy of a Legendary Hairstylist

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Between creating looks for the fashion and cultural elite, he also runs his haircare line R+Co and still makes time to cut the hair of his loyal clientele.

If you're spending $35 on a hair treatment that opens the cuticle, goes into hair shaft and then needs time to seal it itself, follow it so it can work.

Also, nylon brushes over time have ends are that are so rough they don’t fly through the hair and can crack and compromise it.

Be it the slew of metamorphic hair looks for his muse Linda Evangelista, Karlie’s dramatic chop, or Kendall’s transformative bob, Garren's skill relies heavily on his instinct, vision, and frankly good taste.

When it was time for Valentino to approve the final touches, he wouldn’t have time to change the hair.

For instance, Tom Ford’s Metallique ad: They took a gorgeous photo that was clean and minimal and made it even more magical, working on it digitally so the hair changed to metallic and the face took on a whole new edge.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, with hair styled by Garren.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, with hair styled by Garren.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, with hair styled by Garren.

With those looks, it was always about making the girl’s hair look glorious and edgy, especially with Dolce & Gabbana or Versace.

You're wearing this dress and you want your hair long but you’re tying it up? What is the point?

It was at the right time, it was more impactful, and she revealed herself; she stripped herself of her hair that was protecting her in a way.

For colored hair I use an R+Co Shampoo called Gemstone.

If someone’s hair is over-processed, I go to a R+Co treatment called Palm Springs.

It's totally vegan, and the formulations we’ve come up with are brilliant in transforming the way peoples' hair reacts and how it can heal the hair.

It's a challenge to restructure hair with tools and also to restructure a look with the way you style or cut hair.

Giancarlo [Giammetti] wanted the hair more punk and Valentino wanted something far more ladylike.

Make sure you do not use metal brushes, because they destroy your hair.

The new shampoo called Cassette is for curly, frizzy hair.

If you want volume, you should section your hair off by making a circle at the crown.

There wasn’t a L'Oréal or Victoria’s Secret contract stopping them from cutting their hair.

If I notice that their hair is suddenly fine and broken around the hairline, the first thing I do is I tell them to see a thyroid doctor.

Don’t tell me you can't be sexy without long hair. It comes from within.

For hair that needs more fullness, Dallas, which we reformulated with Biotin, does a great job stopping hair from cracking.

When blowing out your own hair, use a paddle brush and straighten out your hair while you blow dry so you get most of the water out.

On the subject of deep conditioning and hair masks: Which products do you love, and how often should you use them?

My blow dryer of choice is the Dyson and Harry Josh hair tools.

That was a great moment in change for her hair.

The same goes for the Karlie Kloss chop, and when I chopped Kendall Jenner’s hair right under her jaw for a cover.

We spoke with him about some of his most remarkable hair moments, and of course had him divulge some seasoned hair advice for the most transcendent tresses.

I do wish some would take their craft more seriously and study and practice more instead of trying to be YouTube and Instagram hair celebrities.

Make it large sections, not small and again stretch the hair out; it makes it smooth.

If you put a little on the ends of stressed out hair, your hair will have an even blowout; it dries naturally.

Along with treatments, they're what will primarily keep a client’s hair healthy.

It actually controls the curl pattern on long hair and fills in the hair strand.

It obviously changes and varies over the years, but you tend to know what they like and implement that creatively into the hair.

With that show, I was allowed to take hair to an extreme.

What tips can you give for women in terms of long-term hair care?

I won’t shave their hair off just to make a statement.

It was fractured hair that went out like an airplane.

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