Erin Andrews Opens Up About IVF, Cervical Cancer, and Being 5'4" in Third Grade

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Fifteen years later, the sweater is long gone, but it still looms large: After that series was over, ESPN offered Andrews a three-year deal to become its main sideline reporter, and footage of that particular game still circulates. "The visuals of it now are hysterical because they always replay [that game] on the NHL Network, which we have in our house because my husband's a retired hockey player," Andrews says. "The shot of me in—and you have to remember the shots that they take, I'm up against the white ice—so you just see fluorescent green and this badly dyed blond hair.

A monumental opportunity for any burgeoning sports reporter, and one that seemed to call for neon green. "I'm from Tampa Bay, and it was a huge game," Andrews tells me. "I was like, 'I really, really need an awesome shirt to wear. '" And so begins the story of how she and her parents went to the mall to find her something perfect. "We went to Ann Taylor, and it was in the front of the store, the front table….

We also talk about her 2016 diagnosis with cervical cancer and subsequent IVF treatments, height insecurity—mine around the fact I’m 5'2" and hers around the fact that she was 5'4" in the third grade—what it’s like dressing for a ballroom competition show compared with dressing for the sidelines, finding style inspiration from supermodels Gisele Bündchen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and how her new clothing line, Wear by Erin Andrews, is setting out to redefine typical game-day apparel. Listen and enjoy!

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