Kim Kardashian Partly Stopped Dressing Sexy Because of the White House

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As for the fact that she even finds herself in such situations—and that she apparently has real political influence in America—Kardashian claimed that she, like the rest of the world, is baffled: "I'm just as surprised as everyone else. " She credits her pivot to criminal justice reform (and law school) with a more general shift in attitude that came after she was robbed at gunpoint in 2016, but also agreed with the idea that becoming the mother of four children who are African American provided some motivation to work for change. "I do believe that race does play a huge role in the criminal-justice system, if you look at all the numbers," she said. "Statistically, one in three black men will be locked up in their lifetime.

Kardashian seems to know her decision wasn't taken lightly: "I saw this whole thing where it’s like, 'She’s so demure, and she’s covered. ' And I was like, 'Guys, I had a shearling coat on and a turtleneck because it’s, like, freezing,'" she said in a new interview with New York magazine.

And she seemed to promise that a change is in store for her millions of Instagram followers, too. "I don’t care to take the time out of my day on vacation like I used to, where I’d pull up to the house and I'd see, This is a setup, this is an Instagram pic.

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