Margaret Atwood Had Never Heard of *Handmaid's Tale* Fan Kylie Jenner

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They notice them before I do," she said. "I expect that Kylie Jenner heard from some of them along the lines of 'We appreciate the thought, but you kind of missed it. '" (Yet another accurate prediction from Atwood, aside from the optimism regarding the internet's civility. "There were some themed tequila," Atwood continued, referencing the "Under His Eye" concoctions that Jenner—a rule-breaking handmaid if ever there was one—served her guests.

And yet, despite that encyclopedic knowledge of history and socioeconomic politics, Atwood still has some cultural blind spots. "I had to look up who Kylie Jenner was, I'm so old," the 80-year-old author said in a new interview with New York magazine, in response to Kylie's take on Gilead.

And while Jenner clearly had a ball transforming her corner of Calabasas into the dystopia of Gilead, the rest of the world didn't take too kindly to Kylie and co. gleefully shrieking "praise be, bitches! " or casually sipping cocktails with names like Under His Eye. (Naturally, the entire thing was thoroughly documented on Instagram.

It has been the occasion when I've been speaking somewhere and I will be greeted with Handmaid’s Tale cupcakes because the person doing the catering is such a fan. " Rather than take offense at such foolery, Atwood blithely makes the best of the situation: "Will I turn up my nose at such cupcakes? No, I will not. I will not do that.

Perhaps Jenner, who frequently claims Hulu's adaptation of the 1985 novel is her "favorite show ever," simply doesn't understand the full implications of the story, because the supposed homage was almost comically tone-deaf.

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