How to Have Fun With Your Gloves This Winter

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I'm determined for things to be different this winter, and I'm starting my style revolution by buying some gloves I'll actually be excited to wear.

I'm going for bold prints, bright colors, interesting fabrications—anything that will make the gloves look intentional instead of like something I grabbed off the floor of the coat closet without turning the light on.

Parker's purple gloves complement her brown jacket and match nicely with her dress underneath. A style legend! © 2019 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

Too many times last winter I'd leave my house completely layered up but missing one crucial piece: gloves.

Each time it happened I'd think, Remember your gloves next time, but my forgettable gloves were such an afterthought, the message never went through.

Lopez's Hustlers character would approve of these extra-long black leather gloves that'll make anyone who wears them look rich.

With these luxe leather gloves, the rain could fall down and wake my dreams, but my hands would still remain warm.

While you’re here to see celebs’ winter accessories, check out our favorite gloves inspired by the photos below.

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