10Things to be Thankful For This Season

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Log in or Subscribe for FREE to read the full story. “I’m thankful for the camaraderie and community formed in our industry to unify over these licensing issues this past year and to tackle going into the new year. 4. “I’m thankful for spontaneous adventures, saying yes, finding balance, good work, good love, good art, good learning and good health to an equally good life! 5. “I am grateful for my family, friends and good health, but I am also grateful for companies in our industry that focus on doing what is right for their clients and employees and promote diversity and inclusion by embracing individuality all while delivering results with integrity. 6. “I’m thankful for everything—every last thing!

But, [I’m grateful for] my health and above all else my friendships. 7. “I am grateful for the opportunity our industry allows people to become a part of…a community pursuing their own individual passion with support and purpose. 8. “I’m thankful for people who I work and pass on the street who nod, smile and say good morning.

It really brightens my day! “I’m thankful to have hit year three as an esthetician at CODE Salon, and for the amazing people in this industry who have supported me from day one. ”. 10. “I’m thankful for my loved ones and good health that allows me to move my body and a career I’m excited about every single day!

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