The 15 Cheesiest Celebrity Holiday Cards of All Time

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The Cheesiest Celebrity Holiday Cards of All Time: From the Royals to the Jonas BrothersSomehow, despite what seems like infinite resources, most celebrities still seem to be incapable of creating and sharing a holiday or Christmas card that isn't cheesy. (Unless, that is, you're like Ellen DeGeneres, and willing to Photoshop a naked Justin Bieber into your seasons greetings. ) It's easy enough to trace back the roots of that common misconception: like so many other things these days, they'll take you straight back to the Kardashians, who've managed to turn even wintry well-wishing into a years-long, plot-lined production.

No, it's actually the (faceless) couple proving to be fallible humans like the rest of us, putting in the absolute minimum effort into their first-ever family Christmas card by using a pre-existing photo, rather than going to the trouble of staging another shoot. (Never mind that there weren't exactly holiday vibes at their wedding reception back in May, which was the real reason they actually took this photo.

Maybe Mark Wahlberg really did need some of that jumbo All the Money in the World salary, seeing as his family's 2016 holiday cards could just as easily have come from your neighbor down the street. "Oh hi, I didn't see you there… " – Beyoncé in the midst of her no doubt meticulously planned holiday card shoot, 2013.

For his holiday first in office, Donald Trump didn't even pretend to get inclusive with his seasonal wishes, which he limited to a simple "Merry Christmas," but also did so as loudly as possible by supersizing his cards. (See the penny at left for scale.

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