The 9 Most Relatable Thanksgiving TV Episodes

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As Thanksgiving hits the Upper East siders of Gossip Girl, Blair suspects her mother is lying to her, Vanessa ditches dinner with her family to hide in Dan's loft, and Rufus discovers that Lily has been lying to him about her mother Cece's health. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Master of None's Denise, played by Lena Waithe, goes home for Thanksgiving and struggles with coming out to her family in this Emmy-winning episode of the series cowritten by Waithe. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Kendall begins to plot a vote of no confidence against Logan, Tom questions his prenup, and cousin Greg gets stuck in the car for a long ride with his estranged Grandpa Ewan, setting up a catastrophic chain of events to unfold during the remainder of the season. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Meredith Grey goes home for Thanksgiving but ends up avoiding her family by returning to the hospital. Relatable. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Rory and Lorelai try to fit in four Thanksgiving dinners; Lorelai finds out Rory applied to more colleges than just Harvard; and Lane has her first kiss. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

9 Thanksgiving Episodes of Television We Couldn't Be More Grateful ForEvery Thanksgiving, thousands of American families gather around for a holiday meal that could either end with feelings of tenderness and warmth for our relatives, or, more likely, shouting matches about the state of the world and its politics with our distant family members at someone else's house.

Of course we all want to know how iconic fictional families celebrate one of the more tense holidays of the year, whether they're gathering around a large table uptown with their media magnate patriarch (as was the case for the Roy family in season one of HBO's Succession this year), or dredging up the truth behind some old hijinks (see the episode of Friends where Ross got high).

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