When You Jet-Set Like Alexa Chung, Sometimes You Meet Seal and Rashida Jones in First Class

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But I was next to Seal, as in "Kiss from a Rose" Seal and he was the first famous person I'd ever seen in my entire life.

I went to the Ling Spa in New York once and the facialist was like, 'Very dry skin, driest I've ever seen! ' So she gave me this serum that has something acid, so I travel with that that.

He may not be the best I've been seated next to in recent memory, but it's the one that stands out the most in my lifespan.

It's black velvet, pretty plain but I realize I wear it every time I'm on a plane.

Then, I've also been into vintage denim recently, but I realize it's hugely unflattering on my bum.

I'm better at holding pee in than other passengers so I don't want to be the one who has to be constantly letting people out. Genuinely city, I think.

Sometimes I have horrific premonitions that one day I'm going to get on a flight and I'm going to be sandwiched between ex-boyfriends.

She had arrived straight from Paris, where she'd taken a few shows during fashion week, like Miu Miu, and made a cameo appearance at a party for Longchamp, a brand for which she's long been an ambassador.

What's beauty products are regularly in your suitcase? I'm terrible.

Though she has a base in New York, after Berlin Chung would be returning to London, where the studio for her upcoming fashion label is headquartered, to hermit herself as she prepares for the launch next May.

For example, if I'm going to L. A. , I already want to get in the mood, I'm already in hot pants.

I've read these before and they're always like, 'My boyfriend Diego.

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