If You Want a Hot Air Brush From Amazon, Buy One on Black Friday

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Basically, anything you're planning on doing to your hair, these tools can accomplish, so make sure to scoop one up before the weekend is over, otherwise you might have to wait until next Black Friday to take advantage of savings like these.

The Bvser model's oval brush makes it perfect for straightening hair when flipped to the side; rotate the brush as you go for loose waves.

If you've been going through the world just wishing that you had a hot air brush to smooth and perfect your hair as you style it, boy do we have some good news to deliver.

That should be enough to get you started: just remember that the sale starts on November 29 and ends on December 1, so you'll want to snag your hot air brush from Amazon during that time. (Or live with the regret of paying full price, if that sounds more fun.

User reviews raved about the Alpacasso brush cutting styling time in half — and one sly reviewer on Amazon said she couldn't tell the difference between this model and a certain (more expensive) name-brand hot air styler.

Yes, that's right: You're probably already aware that the retailer has made itself into quite the source for beauty products, but it's also become the destination for hair products as well.

If you're looking to ditch your curling iron or just get tighter waves while drying hair, this is your tool.

This baby got 5-star reviews on Amazon (from users with totally different hair types) for a reason.

The massive oval barrel offers two options: straightening on the flat side or lifting and creating loose waves by rotating the brush.

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