Every Single Time Harry Styles Changed His Hair and Caused a Fandom Riot

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A sucker for the evocative and never one to shy away from experimentation, Styles's hair has gone through a number of, well, styles — some more iconic than others — and the world has tracked and fawned over every single one of them.

Styles's beloved curls reappear with a new bounce as he lets his hair grow during his first solo world tour, an unsurprising smash success.

Because it's almost time for curtain call on the decade that made Styles's hair famous, I'm charting its entire evolution and the effect it's had on the world.

One Direction's second chart-topping album, Take Me Home, hits shelves at the end of 2012, when Styles seemingly discovers pomade and blow-dryers (but just for the front of his hair, though).

The band's final album, Made in the A. M. , is released, at which point fans have forgotten about Styles's short hair entirely.

Months pass by, and it becomes apparent that Styles's attempt at Fabio hair is not a phase but a new era for him altogether — the band inevitably reaches a new era, too, much to their fandom's dismay.

He wears his hair less curly and more structured to play his solo music live for the first time on Today.

And just like Styles himself, his hair has gone through several changes since he entered the spotlight on the The X Factor UK in 2010.

I might be an extremely biased source, seeing as I've been caught with a Styles-themed phone background on many occasions, but anyone could agree with this evidence that this guy's hair is objectively perfect anyway.

But as he always does, Styles turns the new cut into a perfectly-disheveled crop — right on time for his first-ever hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. © 2019 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

Long-term One Direction fans would physically fight me for the honor, but I'm sure any human being with a functioning sense of touch would gear up for a fatal battle upon seeing that silky head of curls.

Styles's “Lego hair,” so to speak, nevertheless catches the eyes of a rapidly growing and impassioned fan base.

Whether he's growing it long, chopping it all off, or merely letting it exist, it sends people of all backgrounds into a frenzy — take a scroll through TikTok, where you can't go three swipes without seeing his face or hearing his voice, and you'll see what I mean.

Once the band completes that world tour and re-emerges with their next album, Four, Styles' curls have grown well past his chin, seemingly out of the blue.

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