7 Fun Ways to Wear a Blazer This Winter

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Bradley Cooper is often credited with bringing back the three-piece suit. (The credit should mostly go to his stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, though Cooper does manage to wear the hell out of them. ) So it makes sense that Shayk would take a style cue from her ex—and then take the whole damn thing to the next level with a metallic-striped four-piece suit. (Her shoes are made from the same fabric. ) Post-event, she can wear the blazer with jeans when she meets the moms in her daughter’s daycare class for coffee.

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Theron’s oversized double-breasted black blazer and shiny silver leggings create a nice balance. (To copy her boxy blazer, walk over to the men’s department. ) The simple white T-shirt underneath keeps things clean and simple.

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