Dr. Pimple Popper Made the Switch to Paid Video, and Fans Are Not Pleased

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Put simply: Making some of her content paid is how Lee is earning the money she's no longer receiving from YouTube. "This subscription is really to help cover the cost of everything, really," she explains.

Additionally, one person said: "If she’s going to charge people to watch the videos she at least needs good video quality.

In the video, she explains that because her gory content gets flagged and removed so often, YouTube restricted ads from running on her content, which in turn costs her business a buttload of revenue, as ads are a major way that YouTubers make money.

What's more, some folks chimed in about the quality of the video. "Not great video, need to be closer pls," wrote one user. "The camera is too far!!! " added another.

Pimple Popper, is currently in hot water with her fans for making the move to paid video.

In the comment section of a recent teaser, fans expressed their frustration with having to pay to see the full duration of their beloved popping videos.

Nice ????," while another offered, "So access.. pay to see you pop spots… no way… was and am a fan but your milking this now for profit.. not gonna follow you now on here anymore… #scottishfan.

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