Miroslava Duma Says She Was Diagnosed With a Rare, Fatal Lung Disease

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The health scare, Duma explained, prompted her to take a step back and reevaluate her influencer identity, as well as her overall outlook on existence. "My entire life I was seeking approval and obsessing over 'likes' both in the physical and virtual worlds, without realizing that I actually had to learn how to 'like' myself first," Duma wrote. "Years of self criticism and doubt, stress, dieting, physically, mentally and emotionally pushing and pushing myself got my immune system to collapse and I had made myself fatally sick.

The current status of Duma's health remains unclear, but the tone of her statement is upbeat: "It was crazy scary then," Duma continued. "But looking back, I realise that the past few months of recovery were possibly the happiest months of my entire life.

Duma, who was seemingly as active as ever on Instagram over the past seven months, did not get into specifics as to how she was eventually able to bounce back. (Though she did say that "a silly mistake, made by my lawyer, led me to an early diagnosis, and gave me a chance to live.

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