Who Said We Should All Get These Bangs 10 Years Ago? Who?

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The goal was side bangs with a cross between Mandy Moore’s length with Victoria Beckham’s choppy, piecey texture. "Suburban Missouri had a really terrible litmus test for what was 'cool', so most of my style and beauty decisions from 2005 through 2011 can only be described as 'What Would an MTV Reality Star Do? ' I was firmly Team Kristin all the way (I had the Hollister slogan tee that said so) and copied whatever the Laguna Beach star did—so, yep, that means double popped polos and denim skirts with Ugg boots, all with The Bangs.

Around that time I also felt deeply connected to Rory Gilmore and Zooey Deschanel—two women who have had excellent bangs over the years. "I'm not sure why I was so taken by Ashley Tisdale's side bangs—Selena Gomez was my true icon in 2009—but I have a distinct memory of bringing a photoshoot torn out of Seventeen of her to the hairdresser.

After a brief unofficial investigation, the origin of The Bangs seem to be traced back to a few sources: Ashlee Simpson, early pioneer of The Bangs, circa her 2004 Autobiography album, Kristin Cavallari on Laguna Beach in 2005 (later to be followed by both LC and Heidi on The Hills), and the crop of Disney channel starlets popular at the time (Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez) who were presumably trying to add a little edge to their look while trying to remain family friendly.

I can’t ever see myself going back to that length, but when I feel a bit of nostalgia I’ll curl my hair and pin it up just like that, but the side bangs are never coming back. "I was making plenty of questionable decisions in 2009, but none of them involved my hair.

All I know is that I still get asked for ID at bars. I'm 27. "I got thick side bangs because I, for some reason, was very taken with the idea of being a woman who haphazardly gives a subtle shake of her head to get them out of her eyes.

I was convinced the bangs would totally change my life and would finally make me into the it-girl I was destined to be (I was 13). The results were… less than great… but I've never been able to shake the allure of bangs and have had some variation ever since. "What were the early 2000s without My Chemical Romance?

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