Contrary to Vloggers on YouTube, Waxing Your Nose Hairs Is Not a Good Idea

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My nosiness got the better of me as I worried that everyone I’ve ever met must have been repulsed by the sight of my hairy nose, so I talked to Emma Craythorne, a consultant dermatologist and dermatological and laser surgeon, Max Malik, the medical director and founder of Cosmetics Clinic, and Ross Perry, GP and medical director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, to find out more.

If your reason for waxing nose hair is because they itch, Ross recommends using chia oil to soften the hair and minimize irritation.

Malik warned against waxing nose hair as it can lead to various health problems, a fact that Dr.

Perry agrees with: "By waxing the nose hair away, you’re in fact removing a layer of protection".

Last week, I was in a deep YouTube hole when I came across a video of a vlogger waxing her nose hair.

Much to my relief, the three agree you shouldn’t be waxing your nose hair at all.

Is Waxing Your Nose Hair Safe?

Is Waxing Your Nose Hair Safe?

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