Jason Lewis Is So Much More Than ‘That Guy’ From ‘Sex and the City’

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But the actor isn't one of those people who shy away from talking about their most famous project. "I've been in places like the border of Pakistan and India and you've found women, fully burqa-ed, coming up to me going, 'I like that,'" he tells Glamour. "And I'm like, 'This has had a global impact on women. ' It gave license and voice to women around the world.

So whether that's somebody born with spina bifida or is on the spectrum of autism," Lewis says. "It kind of works like a Big Brothers organization in that you pair people with mentors, but it goes a little bit [further] from looking at education needs to job placement and live-in care.

She told me, "You know, in my family we at least wait for the person to take the first bite. " And I said, "Thank God I'm not in your family," and stabbed her whole piece of steak and took a chunk out of it and put it back on her plate.

These days he's spending a lot of his time working with the charity Best Buddies. "It's this amazing organization that works with people who have developmental challenges.

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