Need a fast beauty fix? Try a face mask!

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The Purity Made Simple Mask ($25) deep-cleans skin with sea salts to purify and detoxify, while marine extracts and vitamin E help soften and transform skin in just 60 seconds!

L’Oreal Paris is out with three new clay masks ($12. 99 each) that are getting serious buzz about being good dupes for a certain prestige mask.

This calming mask soothes, provides intense hydration and nourishes skin with a combination of Blue Lotus, Seaweed extracts and Asian Botanicals.

Not only will a face mask deliver a targeted skin treatment, you can double down and get a few minutes of relaxation (guilty pleasure) too. Nothing wrong with that!

My favorite is the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask; not only does it smell heavenly, it really leaves skin soft, smooth and glowing.

I’d recommend this mask for all skin types, but especially oily/combination.

Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Mask ($75) is one of the most innovative beauty products I’ve tried!

I think if you’re into having fun with your beauty products, or like the experience, this mask is a good choice.

I recently had the opportunity to try the Purlisse Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask ($36/pack of 6, link) and love it.

Because of that and the fact that the mask leaves somewhat of a “residue” (likely due to the oils), I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive or oily skins.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask ($24) is another overnight mask, but instead of a cream (as is the Hydra Enzyme Masque Nuit below), this one is a light, gel texture.

Apply at night and this mask will purify, hydrate and “lock in” moisture.

I would highly receommend purchasing the Facial Mask Brush ($15) for use with these, or any of your other masks.

The mask is infused with iron, silica and various oils including Lavender Oil, Geranium Flower, Chamomille Flower and there is a fair amount of fragrance.

You apply the mask with a spatula, wait 5-10 minutes, wrap the magnet in a tissue and remove the mask.

Easy to tuck into your travel bag, a sheet mask is a must after a flight or several days in a dry hotel room.

My favorite of the three is the green mask, which purifies and exfoliates, but you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them.

For a fast beauty fix, it’s hard to be a face mask.

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