The One Thing Alison Roman Refuses to Do on a First Date

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This week on “What I Wore When,” Alison sits down with me to talk about food, yes, but also personal style and the outfit she wore to interview at Bon Appetit—her first real-deal office job—the (very) expensive bag she’s dying for but can’t justify (don't judge me for pressuring her to bite the bullet), the outfit that makes her feel most like herself, and the outdated fashion “rule” nobody should follow.

Alison and I also get into dating (come for the story about how she fixes her friends up with her Instagram fans, stay for the one about the chicken drumstick, bell pepper, and sweet potato sheet-pan date), how she understands that people might find it scary to go out with her given the fact that so much of dating is wrapped up in food, and the thing she’ll never do on a first—or second—date.

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On Glamour's new weekly podcast What I Wore When, the cook and author explains what she wore to her first real office-job interview, the designer bag she really, really wants, and how dating deal breakers relate to food.

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