There's a Scientific Reason Women Are Always Colder Than Men

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A study done by the University of Maryland School of Medicine published in the JAMA Network found that while body temperature does vary from person to person, day to day, women’s body temperatures were consistently higher than their male counterparts'.

According to research published in the journal Nature, most workplace thermostats are set based on a model developed in 1960s, which takes into account only male metabolic rates (presumably because at the time there weren't many women there to complain).

Women on birth control have even higher core body temperatures.

The first thing you'll often hear women say when noticing how cold they are: Their hands and feet are freezing.

So because birth control affects female hormones, it can also raise your body temperature even further, making you more sensitive to the cold.

This is real too: According to a study published in the U. K. medical journal The Lancet, women’s hands and feet are colder than men’s by a few degrees.

Women have higher core body temperatures than men.

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