This New Show Is a Must for Reality-TV Junkies

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In each six-minute episode of Back to Reality, which was developed by Facebook in partnership with Glamour, Higgins sits down with former reality stars who’ve since returned to the real world.

In this Facebook Watch series, Higgins catches up with former reality stars to dish about what life is like after returning to the quote-unquote real world.

In this episode, Tyler gives us the long-awaited answers to your questions, like how the pair fell in love in such extreme circumstances and how the show changed his overall outlook on life—and his answers will melt your heart. Obsessed already? We thought so.

Not only do we get to learn what they’re up to now, but Ben and his guests also dish juicy behind-the-scenes details from your favorite reality-TV shows. “Being on reality television is so much more than people think.

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Reality-TV fans, listen up—former Bachelor and Bachelorette star Ben Higgins is hosting a new series, and it’s sure to be your next guilty pleasure.

I’ve dealt with the ups and downs of this world, so it was really special to host this show and get to know everyone when the cameras are gone and we’re all back to reality.

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