Why Allure Editors Are Obsessed With This Japanese Lip Treatment for Winter

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The J-beauty brand came up with a complex called multi flora, which functions as a natural lip moisturizer. "Multi flora is actually a probiotic, a natural lactic acid-producing bacteria called Enterococcus Faecalis," cosmetic chemist James Hammer explains. "It is commonly found in the gut of healthy humans and in a lot of those good-for-you fermented-type foods, like sauerkraut and kimchi. " The lip treatment is also loaded up with waxes and polymers to help lock in moisture and guard against chapping, he adds.

Not wanting to make a lip care product that creates a cycle of your lips drying out and having to reapply continuously until you die, UZ lip treatment is formulated to keep your lips hydrated even when you're not wearing it.

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