'Red, White & Royal Blue' Did the Unthinkable. Then it Went Viral.

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It’s a queer love story that made it onto the best-seller list. “There have always been queer romance writers, and I feel really honored to carry on what they've started,” she says. “I hope that publishers will look at this and be like, ‘Whoa, there’s an audience for this out there if we invest in these people. ’ And I would love to see more investment in queer authors who are not white, like me, as well as more trans-queer authors on shelves.

Without an Instagram endorsement from Reese Witherspoon, a shout-out on Today from Jenna Bush Hager, or any major traditional publicity pushes, Casey McQuiston’s debut romance novel about the First Son of the United States and the Prince of Wales managed to do what few books in any genre manage—it went viral.

McQuiston swears that her idea for Red, White & Royal Blue predates the union of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, despite the uncanny parallels. “I feel like I shouted into the universe and the universe shouted back.

Essential details like their Hogwarts houses, zodiac signs, and Myers-Briggs types. (Alex is an Aries sun with a Leo rising. ) She also recently debuted a series of Spotify playlists dedicated to each of the characters. (Henry’s is aptly called “Prince Fucking Charming: A Prince Henry Playlist” and features a lot of James Blake. ) And while she’s not allowed reveal much about the film adaptation, she can’t help but daydream about the casting.

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