9 Sustainable Beauty Gifts That Make It Easy For Everyone on Your Holiday List to Recycle

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Considering how normal it is to temporarily excommunicate your BFF from the group chat for admitting she still uses cotton rounds to remove her mascara at night, it’s safe to say that almost everyone is looking to be more eco-friendly in 2020.

Unfortunately, quitting our worst beauty habits is hard — single-use cotton rounds, makeup-removing wipes, non-recyclable plastic . . . we are guilty of doing it all.

Whether you’re looking to encourage yourself to be a more mindful recycler or convince your roommate that refillable shampoo bottles are, in fact, chic as hell, there’s a gift worth giving.

Reality checks come in all shapes and sizes, but finding out that your beauty routine is environmentally irresponsible is one a lot of people are facing lately.

But taking the first step toward a more sustainable lifestyle can start with one cool product that can slowly, but surely, change your MO.

Find our favorite sustainable beauty gifts ahead. We’re Hiring! We’re Hiring!

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