Everything You Need to Know About Hair Growth Inhibitors, According to Doctors

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According to Max Malik, medical director and founder of Cosmetics Clinic, "a hair growth inhibitor is a cream or spray that can reduce and remove unwanted hair growth for an extended period of time; removing hairs from the root and slowing regrowth".

While waxing has been proven to slow hair growth and shaving is great for short-term results, Shotter, Malik, and Perry all agree that laser hair removal is the best long-term solution for those wanting to slow and reduce hair growth.

Should you suffer excessive facial hair growth, Shotter recommends you visit your doctor, who may be able to prescribe a medical hair inhibitor called Vaniqa, the only product that’s clinically proven to stop hair growth. We’re Hiring! We’re Hiring!

Looking at some of the products sold online, most hair growth inhibitors claim to starve hair of nutrients, prevent formation of hair follicles, and stop hair growth.

However, Malik warns that there is little to no evidence that suggests hair inhibitors stop hair growth completely.

"Some may slow hair growth but will not stop it and will not remove the need for other hair removal methods," she said.

Since then, I’ve tried almost every hair removal method invented, but for some reason, I’ve always remained skeptical about hair growth inhibitors.

Do Hair Growth Inhibitors Work?

What are hair growth inhibitors, and how do they work?

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