Jeanne Damas Not Only Embodies French Beauty, She Sells It to Americans

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Petite Jeanne spent a lot of time in the restaurant, which was a favorite of people in the Parisian fashion world. "I was talking really a lot," Damas says, her English held together by syrup-coated syllables. "They were calling me a" — she looks to her agent — "poissonnière? "Because you know, in the market. Ah, my fish! " She waves toward the street, mimicking somebody drawing a crowd’s attention, dazzling them into a transaction. "And I was also so — I’m really a girl’s girl, like a… sorority is really important.

The English word escapes her, so she turns to her agent to clarify. "Yeah. My way? It’s because… of people I meet? " She’s looking for an English word that escapes her. Then she pouts. "I want to speak French! "
Damas confides many times that she is sensitive about her English, which is in fact spoken so beautifully that one is tempted to prevent her from learning the rest of the language.

But that part earlier about Rouje’s profits tripling every year for the last three years? Also true. "It was not the plan," says Damas, wearing a blazer that is both too large and fits perfectly, smoking a cigarette (again) at a café beneath the woolly sky of Paris. "I did not study fashion. But my… parcours?

W, 2017: "Model Jeanne Damas embodies the effortlessly chic French girl look. " (This was published around the time that "French beauty" hit its search peak, according to Google Trends. ) Refinery29 the same year: "She doesn’t fix her hair because she doesn’t have to….

Everything Rouje is Jeanne, and vice versa: Shoppers are not buying a pair of jeans or a lipstick — they are buying jeans cut to the precise geometry of her hips, they are buying the ideal balance of red and blue tones to complement her complexion, down to the freckles dusted across her nose like cinnamon on a café au lait. "The idea is to do my perfect closet every year," she says. "I’m living in Paris, and I didn’t fake it.

And as a result, we, the non-French girls, care very much, and French girls are reaping our investment to the tune of tripling profits year over year. C’est vrai! "You ask about financials? " Jeanne Damas asks.

Of course, Damas is well aware that she is a walking American consumer fetish in the same way that a CEO has a financial obligation to examine their success in a foreign market. "It’s a cliché," Damas says, shrugging. "But we play with this cliché.

Damas hypothesizes that her success comes from her honesty. "I’m living in Paris, and I didn’t fake it.

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