"Boy Meets World" Star Danielle Fishel Launched a Hair-Care Collection

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The vitamin-packed blend is made to fight free-radical damage with antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and stimulate circulation. "I think what people love about 'Topanga hair' is volume, shine, and the appearance of it being effortless," Fishel says, and she's confident Be Free can help facilitate exactly that without compromising on ingredients. "In that regard, yes, you can absolutely expect to get closer to Topanga hair!

Be Free Conditioner follows suit with ingredients like coconut oil, eggplant, maracuja oil, and black pepper seed oil to improve the condition of damaged hair and smooth frizz. "The products are super-lightweight but still great at taming frizz," Fishel tells Allure. "I actually even like my hair air-dried, and I never have before.

So why, all these years after her hair made a major impression on TV viewers, did Fishel finally get into the hair-care industry? "I have been approached many times since I was a kid about doing something in the hair or beauty space, but it was never something that interested me because there wasn't an organic reason for the collaboration," she tells Allure. "This line came from the purest place possible.

Perhaps the product with the most potential for giving us that coveted Topanga hair is Scalp Refresh, which Fishel says is ideal for new moms who may be dealing with postpartum hair loss. "It goes directly to the source, soaking into the hair follicle where you need it most," the brand says.

In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, Be Free products omit sulfates, sodium chloride, phosphates, gluten, parabens, phthalates, and fragrance. "You will never have to question our ingredients or our intentions," the brand says of its mission to be entirely honest and transparent.

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