RuPaul Wants a Little Red Corvette For Christmas

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The best gift I’ve ever received is love and the best gift I’ve ever given is allowing that person to give me love. That’s big. That’s a huge one. Things come and go.

But Santa wasn't the only icon in the building spreading good cheer—it was RuPaul who brought a dazzling aura of holiday excitement to Nordstrom this week, meeting with Drag Race uber-fans and posing for photos, in honor of his curated selection of holiday gifts for Nordstrom in New York, from a dog bed to a tote with his glammed up face printed on it.

Just before his big meet and greet moment, RuPaul sat down with W in a cozy room hidden away from all the chaos to talk about his personal picks for holiday presents (material and immaterial), the best fashion advice he has ever received, and what he recommends for the person who already has everything.

Obviously, love is the best gift I’ve ever received and allowing myself to receive that love is the best gift I can give to that person.

Always used clothes and looks to express myself, from childhood 'til today, so I think every look has to be a major accomplishment. Peace and quiet. [Laughs. ] That’s usually the best gift you can give someone.

But the only thing we remember from the Academy Awards that year is her! [Laughs. ] She won two or three years later for Moonstruck. No. No, I don’t.

It's easy to get into the holiday spirit when you find yourself in a midtown department store decked out as a winter wonderland, complete with Santa Claus and his helpers roaming the halls, passing out candy canes and playing Christmas carols for all to hear.

I like to give gifts that people can actually use, whether it’s a gift certificate or something that is truly from the heart, like some music I’ve put together or some headphones.

You know, the first thing that comes to mind is Cher at the 1985 Academy Awards, in that Bob Mackie outfit with the big things coming out.

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