The Biebers Want to Sell You Their Favorite Art

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With the help of Paddle8, the newlyweds have curated an online auction titled The Biebers x LIFT LA x Inner City Arts, in a nod to the Biebers' plan to donate the proceeds to "families in need. " (LIFT LA is a national nonprofit that works to help families break the cycle of poverty, while Inner City Arts is an art education center for underserved children. ) Naturally, one of the 17 artworks featured is by Virgil Abloh, the Louis Vuitton and Off-White designer behind the enormous dress that Hailey wore on her wedding day (and memorably hid under a tent).

As for the rest of the works featured, they include an acrylic and spray paint work that depicts a "Zukie," or a nonverbal, genderless creature that the artist, Miss Zukie, says is made from "decaying substance. " Meanwhile, Buff Monster contributed his own creatures, which take the form of melting ice cream. (Bart Simpson also makes a cameo in the auction, which runs through December 13, thanks to the artist Greg Mike. ) Altogether, they make for something of a psychedelic rainbow, as those familiar with the Bieber aesthetic would no doubt expect.

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