Your Ultimate Guide to Holiday Tipping

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That might seem overwhelming, but international etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer has an easy way to figure out your list. "Tip people who have been especially loyal," she says. "In other words, for those of us who have pets, children, parents, or grandparents, if there is someone who has done consistent care for you and those treasured ones on a regular basis, during the holidays is when you want to express your appreciation for that.

Keep in mind that tipping amounts vary from state to state, says Schweitzer, who's based in Texas. "What people tip in New York is going to differ from Dallas or Seattle," she says. "The cost of living is different.

Before you start to stress, everyone’s financial situation is unique, so there are things to consider before you run to the closest ATM. “You should only tip what you can afford,” Meier says. “If your overall budget to tip is $150, make a list of everyone you want to tip, then break your budget down into amounts next to each person’s name until you know how much each will receive.

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