‘I’m a Wellness Editor—Here’s Everything on My Gift List This Year’

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We all give and get so many things none of us will really use that I get a particular sense of gratification in finding gifts that my loved ones need and love, and that are more perfect than they even thought to ask for. (And if I'm being really honest, I also love the sense of utter satisfaction that comes from knowing you completely crushed that Secret Santa—competitive Scorpios in the house!

Because I'm a wellness editor, my definition of the perfect gift often includes some aspect that makes us feel happier and healthier as humans.

We Are Knitter's kits have helped me more than anything in my quest to feel present, and I'll be gifting one to all my neurotic loved ones this year. © 2019 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

In our age of anxiety, it's likely there's no one on your list who wouldn't benefit from a gift subscription.

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