The Best and Brightest K-Pop Beauty Moments of 2019

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As 2019 comes to a close, I rounded up 19 of the best K-pop beauty moments, including but not limited to Jungkook of BTS' viral, trend-spawning long hair and the pink-and-gold eye makeup that's all over YouTube thanks to Blackpink's Jenny.

Around the same time the music video came out, Kitsch started selling similar barrettes, and several other K-pop stars started wearing word hair clips ones, too.

The whole sextet delivered thrilling hair and makeup with Chanyeol's matching bubblegum pink hair and draping; Chen's finger waves and white-and-red lashes; Kai's Fun Dip Razzaple Magic Dip dye job; Baekhyun's face chain and feathered rattail; Suho's horned hair; and Sehun's crimson streak down his eye.

Allure's resident K-pop expert Devon Abelman breaks down the best hair and makeup looks that graced the K-pop world in 2019 from BTS, Blackpink, and more.

In the music video for “Goblin,” she tapped into the transformative magic of hair and makeup to shift into three different personalities.

With a dusting glitter here and a rainbow dye job there, hair and makeup help transport K-pop stars, along with their fans, to the ornate worlds their songs create.

See: Sana's melted cotton candy hair in Twice's "Feel Special" music video and the smeared lipstick on Jeonghan of Seventeen.

Rhinestones were glued onto the apples of her cheeks in an asymmetrical arrangement for added glam. Before heading to the U. S. for GOT7's Keep Spinning World Tour (and stopping by Allure for a video shoot), Youngjae and BamBam refreshed their hair colors with some bright hues.

Hwasa of Mamamoo made her solo debut in 2019 with “Twit. ” Of all the beauty looks she tried out, including but not limited to her word hair clips were the most timely.

The first time I watched Blackpink's music video for “Kill This Love,” I instantly fell in love with Jenny's eye makeup, and dozens of people on YouTube who have since made tutorials for recreating the look did too.

To coordinate with her lavish accessories, gems and pearls cascaded from Chung Ha's eyes in her music video for “Snapping. " The singer also went blonde for the first time since her days in girl group IOI.

A long list of male idols took their hair to longer lengths this year, but Jungkook drew the most attention. (He even became the top trending topic in the U. S. on Twitter after the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert in August because of his hair. ) Although he has since gone shorter once again, BTS fans will never forget the look.

I'm convinced Sunmi hasn't had a single bad hair or makeup day in 2019.

With their music video for “Fear", Seventeen went the darkest they've ever gotten with their makeup since the boy group debuted in 2015.

Youngjae went Classic Blue before the color was even announced as Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year, while BamBam dyed his hair a bright variation of 2019's appointed hue, Living Coral.

Sometimes, visually representing their earworms is as literal as Hwasa pinning back her hair with clips bedecked with the name of her single or The Boyz covering their faces with flowers for "Bloom Bloom.

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