15 Vegan Beauty Products That Are Ethical and Effective

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Being vegan isn’t always limited to the foods you eat—the beauty products you use can play a role too.  Google Beauty Trends Reports continue to highlight the growth of vegan skin care according to key words in the search engine, and more beauty brands than ever are going green and clean.

The latest addition to the brand’s body-care collection, this rich, but not too rich, botanical-based lotion provides instant relief for dry, irritated skin; antioxidants from green tea and rosemary help improve tone and texture so signs of aging soften over time.

One of my absolute favorite moisturizers (it smells and feels so good on my skin), this vegan formula is whipped and airy and provides all skin types with instant refreshment.

Chock-full of superfoods—kale, spinach and green tea—it floods skin with free radical–fighting ingredients to minimize signs of aging, as well as a hefty dose of hyaluronic acid to leave skin feeling hydrated all day long.

The perfect moisturizer if you want to keep your skin hydrated but don’t like the feel of traditional creams, this lightweight, jelly-like formula absorbs instantly for a never-greasy finish.

Sodium hyaluronate (similar to hyaluronic acid) and aloe leaf juice pump moisture into skin as antioxidants from green tea help soothe and fight against the effects of free radicals.

Oil-free and gentle on skin, this cleanser strips dirt and potentially irritating pollutants (microscopic bits of smoke, acid and soot that float around in the atmosphere) from your complexion without removing the good-for-your-skin oils that keep it looking youthful.

Semi-matte with a weightless feel, this powder foundation provides broad-spectrum SPF 20 protection—it’s water resistant for up to 40 minutes—while shielding the skin from environmental pollutants and softening pores and fine lines.

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