Beauty Products Fitness Pros Always Keep in Their Gym Bags

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For Amanda Freeman, founder of the celebrity-loved class SLT (short for Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone, the three goals of the workout) and Stretch'd, nothing beats beauty products that work with her busy schedule. "I'm always sneaking in a midday workout, so wipes are a necessity to freshen up post-sweat session," she says. "These are the best out there for both cleansing and moisturizing. © 2020 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

Seattle-based personal trainer and Instagram fitness star Jennifer Forrester always wanted to use a natural deodorant—meaning one that's free of aluminum—but worried too much about odor to make the switch until she discovered this one. "It smells like a spa and gives me the feeling of dryness and security," she says. "And using natural products can only help and hopefully reduce the toxins that are going into your body.

Sarah Levey is the cofounder of Y7 Studio, a heated yoga class performed to hip-hop music. (Odds are, you've already seen the boutique's clever "Started From the Bottom Now You're Here" staircase on Instagram. ) After a sweat sesh, she revives her hair with a dusting of this dry shampoo—the travel-size version of which she takes everywhere. "I love that it's not a spray," she says. "It gives my hair not only a grease-absorbing touch-up, but a lift as well.

As soon as Sadie Kurzban, the founder of 305 Fitness, finishes up her signature, nightclub-meets-workout dance cardio class, she swipes her face with a cleansing cloth and follows up with a spritz of this refreshing toner. "I use it right before applying moisturizer," she says. "It's awesome for fighting redness and blemishes after working out.

Bianca Vesco, a personal trainer, fitness model, and BFX instructor is a fan of anything that's lightweight and easy to toss in her tote, since she carries it around all day. "This little compact is perfect," says Vesco, who's a fan of the entire travel-size line of cosmetics. "The creamy consistency makes it easy to add color to my cheeks or lips if I’m running to a casting or have an impromptu day date and need a little pop.

Since Christa DiPaolo, the founder of membership-based online fitness community Boxing & Bubbles, usually films the workouts—which cover boxing, jump rope, strength-training, and more—outside in Miami, she factors the good weather into her beauty routine. "Protecting my skin from the harsh sunlight is key," she says.

You'll never not find this basic body lotion in her gym bag, since she counts on it to hydrate her dry skin from head to toe. "I love that I can use it on my face, body, and hands," she says. "It makes my skin smooth and gives it vibrant shine in the coldest and driest of environments.

Sadie Lincoln, the founder of ballet barre-inspired workout Barre3, hands out these balms out to friends and fam just because she loves them (the balms… but we're guessing the lucky recipients, too). "They multitask as a moisturizer, cheek blush, and lip tint all in one," says Lincoln, who wears No. 10 Tea Rose.

But she needs something that won't clog her pores, which is why this mineral foundation is her go-to. "It’s light enough to avoid looking like a have a full face of makeup, and because it’s non-comedogenic, it’s never caused any breakouts," she says. "Bonus: It’s luminizing, so it gives me a bit of a glow.

That's why she's a fan of these cleansing cloths. "These wipes let me to remove makeup before a workout and can double as a refreshing post-workout cool cloth," she says.

So after a tough day leading classes in the yoga studio, the masseuse and yogi turns to this magical little mist. "This spray is armed with magnesium, arnica, and lavender—all the things that ease sore muscles after a hard workout," she says.

She loves everything from the Scrubz Body line, but considers this oil-lotion her go-to. "I used to be a strictly lotion girl, but body oil has change my life—and the softness of my skin," says Rilinger. "This is my #1 after-shower product.

So when she's running on empty, she counts on these fast-acting eye patches to fake awake. "I throw them on under sunglasses before early AM classes to reduce puffiness," she says.

Whether she's traveling or staying close to home, it's always in her bag. "I can wear it to the gym or after the gym—the versatility of it is so key," Copeland says. "I'm so lost without it.

The first step in her routine is layering this antioxidant serum, which defends skin against damaging free radicals created by UV rays. "I never leave home without it," she says.

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