Hawaiian Beauty: What to Try, Where to Stay, What to Know

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Joan Didion, one of the more famous Honolulu tourists, described Hawaii as a magical place where “winter does not come, and no one fails and the median age is twenty-three. ” This Imaginary Hawaii, captured in the tiki-kitsch of Elvis and the Brady Bunch or bottled by good-vibe, escapist beauty brands like Hawaiian Tropics and Maui Moisture, has been reclaimed—redefined, gently but powerfully, by an inspiring collective of H-Beauty founders who are tapping into their culture and celebrating their land. “I’m in good company in Hawaii as far as women entrepreneurs go,” says Oahu-based Jennifer Binney, the creator of surf-chic Samudra. “All of these creative women—wahine—are deeply tied to our natural environment, whether through surfing, paddling, hula, lei making, or just being outside and one with nature. ” Oahu-born aesthetician Kapua Browning, founder of skin-loving Honua, remembers how her mother and grandmother taught her that ocean water was the ultimate beauty/life fix. “If you have a cut, if you have acne, if you have a broken heart: we were taught to just go jump in the ocean. It cures everything. ” And any problem the ocean can’t solve, ‘olena (turmeric from local ginger) or kukui nut oil will. “I think the focus here is function and ease,” says Binney, who notes that makeup takes a backseat to skin care. “Most girls just get their brows and lashes done, and that’s it.

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