I'm a Mom and I'm Sick of Being the Designated Photo-Taker

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I first read about this common dilemma earlier this year — a mom blogged that she wanted to be in family photos and hated that she had to ask for someone to take her picture — and Chrissy Teigen's recent Instagram post about being the “designated photo taker” motivated me to solve this and find a quick way to mount my phone anywhere and anytime.

When my daughter grows up and hopefully asks to start looking at baby pictures, I’m growing more excited by the day at what I’ll be able to deliver: some A+ shots of her and her dad because I’m still the best photographer in the house, and an endless amount of candids where we’re all together playing and I’m completely in the moment.

Twice now I’ve popped my phone into the mount, wrapped the bendy tripod legs on something firm like a chair arm or baby gate, and selected a 3- or 10-second timer (I use a photo timer from the App store).

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