Why This New York Spa Thinks Next-Gen Wellness Is the Future

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Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown is pretty serious when it comes to its spa and wellness offerings: There’s a state-of-the-art pool, multi-hour signature experiences, off-the-radar skin-care brands, in-room soak services, and even a resident crystal healer.

The offerings include Mala Making, Future Yogi, Crystal Class, Blend Baby Blend (aromatherapy experimentation), and Mindfulness in the Making (meditation), to name a few; the workshops are complimentary to children, accompanied by an adult, who purchase a spa service of 50 minutes or more.

Cruz curated and introduced the services so everyone “could enjoy a wellness experience, even the smallest guests,” she says. “It comes from the belief that if we start the next generation on a path of health and wellness when they’re young, it will set them up for success in the future.

And, now, the luxe location has a new addition that senior spa director Tara Cruz thinks will take the wellness factor up a notch—the Next-Gen Wellness Workshops, finely-tuned spa offerings designed specifically for children.

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