A Complete History of the Completely Insane Things That Have Happened at the Golden Globes

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Luckily Dick Clark, the show’s producer, came on stage and saved her, but even he couldn’t foresee the unhinged way she would pronounce the title of the winning film, Gladiator. 2003: Legendary Hollywood survivor Jack Nicholson was giving a bit of a rambling speech when taking the trophy for About Schmidt; it became immediately clear why when he confessed he had taken a Valium before the show. Never change, Jack. 2003: Maybe it was the Valium that kept Nicholson from telling former girlfriend Lara Flynn Boyle how ridiculous she looked when wearing a tutu on the red carpet, second only to Bjork’s swan dress on every Worst of the Red Carpet list. 2003: Wow, what a year.

Guess he always believed in conspiracy theories. 1980: She wasn’t the first or the last to liken the Golden Globes to a pair of breasts, but Bette Midler sure did it the best while accepting her trophy for The Rose. 1982: The way the awards are given out by the HFPA is always a little dicey, but they were really called into question when Pia Zadora bested Kathleen Turner and Elizabeth McGovern to win Best New Star of the Year Female for her derided turn in the bomb Butterfly.

So, basically the same, minus all the drunk celebrities. 2009: Tina Fey used her Best Actress acceptance speech to directly confront some of the people who had said mean things about her on the internet. “Cougar Lover you can suck it,” she joked, not knowing that Cougar Lover was the Twitter handle of fellow nominee America Ferrera. Just kidding. It’s not. 2011: After wowing audiences with his “fearless” opening monologue the year before, the human embodiment of smugness Ricky Gervais bombed horribly.

You may forget that it started at the Globes, in reaction to her husband John Legend winning an award. 2015: While presenting with famous butt-haver Jennifer Lopez, Jeremy Renner referred to her boobs as “Golden Globes. " Bette Midler, or anyone else, did not find that amusing. 2015: During her opening monologue, Tina Fey listed off Amal Clooney’s accomplishments as a civil rights attorney and then openly questioned why her husband George would be getting a lifetime achievement award.

Some things are off limits, even for a gay dude. 2007: When he won for Borat A Long Title I Don’t Feel Like Looking Up on IMDb, Sacha Baron Cohen revealed that while filming his mockumentary he saw some dark parts of America. “I refer of course to the anus and testicles of my costar Ken Davitian,” he said, then likening the actor's privates to “two wrinkled Golden Globes. ” Bette Midler would be proud. 2008: The show is cancelled because of the Writer’s Guild of America strike.

It’s one thing to be funny and mean, but Gervais forgot the funny part. 2011: Helena Bonham Carter solidified her reputation as the world’s kooky aunt by dressing in a pair of mismatched shoes and a dress that looks like a tablecloth being eaten by the alien from Aliens. 2012: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is true: Amercia’s greatest living actress Meryl Streep is human.

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