The 14 Best Running Shoes for Women, According to Runners

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My favorite road shoes are the Altra Running Escalante Racers.  They are lightweight and super comfortable, with a foot-shaped toe box that allows for your toes to spread out.  They are also zero drop but not zero cushion—and they come in lots of cool colors.

For road running I turn to the Brooks Levitate. (And for trails I prefer the Hoka Challenger ATR 4. ) Most running stores allow you to try the shoes out and return them if they don’t work.

But I'm on the treadmill at Orangetheory at least four times a week, and getting fitted for these sneakers at a local running store has helped my feet stay healthy and supported through my workouts.

So we talked to a variety of runners—from pros and fitness influencers to women who just like to knock out a couple of miles from time to time—to find out what the best running shoes for women actually are.

No matter what, it's probably time to upgrade the crusty sneakers lurking in the corner of your closet; according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, your footwear should be replaced every six to eight months whether you're running or walking.

My normal response is to say that every runner is different, but the Nike Epic Flyknit React 2 has my vote as a great all-around running shoe for lots of runners.

When I discovered the Brooks running shoe in the Launch style—the (now sold-out) magnificent tie-dye print—I tossed every other running shoe I owned.

And while it's never a bad idea to go into a local running store and have them evaluate your feet and stride to help match you with a pair, these picks can help you get started.

Also noteworthy: Brooks has a 90-day trial run/guarantee on its shoes, so you can run in them and return if they don’t work for you; they are affordable compared to other major brands, at $100 or less; and they come in no shortage of prints, both the stylish and the more sedate.

Ah, the start of a new year, when your fitness goals are fresh and exciting—and you have the perfect excuse to buy the best running shoes to kick things off juuust right.

Imagine my absolute horror when the man who'd fit me for them said, "Running a marathon in these is like running a marathon in a pair of Keds.

Perhaps you've decided that 2020 will be the year you take up long-distance running, try your first marathon, or simply pick up a casual jogging routine.

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