Who Got Shaded By Coachella's Brutal Poster Font Sizes?

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So inviting her to the festival for the first time and then sticking her on the bottom line like she's some local band who won a contest seems a little rude.

Meanwhile, a band you love and hold dearly and cherish the time you drank a few too many Four Loko before seeing live has apparently been relegated to fourth-line status in font so small its only accelerates your fears about induced eyesight loss. "Wait, doesn't everyone know that band?

It's a curious choice to keep her from the top line this year, especially considering Coachella's highly documented troubled history when it comes to elevating female acts to headline status.

If we really wanted to rile Stan Twitter up, we'd mention it's ridiculous that Carly is relegated to the fourth line while Marina sits on the second line, but we would, of course, never.

Last time this British band graced the stage in Indio in 2013, they were a solid second-line act (they'd previously made it to line three twice before).

While the traditional graphic design of the yearly Coachella poster has reached iconic (and highly meme-able) status, it also functions as a sort of meter of subjective hipness, with its decreasing font size seemingly marking relevance.

So being relegated to the fourth line on her first Coachella appearance feels almost sort of pointed.

Band names you'll flatter yourself you've at least heard of (you skipped over one of their songs on a Spotify playlist once, didn't you? ) blare out at you in a big, important font from the second line.

Coachella's annual unveiling of its festival lineup has a way of inducing its own special anxiety amongst anyone considered old by Coachella attendee standards (read: anyone born during or before George Bush Sr. 's time in the White House).

Did someone in the bookings department just Google "Good Female DJs", booked them all to appear as a cheap way of warding off gender balance criticism, and then dump them on the open line?

Harris will return for the first time since then, but he's knocked back down to line two status.

Then again, Allien is joined on the bottom line by a surprising amount of female DJs (Ela Minus, GG Magree, ONYVAA, and Sara Landry).

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