Justin Bieber Has Pastel Pink Hair in the Video for His New Single, “Yummy”

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Just like the original sighting of Bieber's pink hair, the "Yummy" video has inspired plenty of tweets about the look, and nearly all of them wholeheartedly approve of the color. "JUSTIN BIEBER WITH PINK HAIR. THAT’S IT.

And it turns out those guesses were absolutely right: Bieber just debuted the music video for his new single, "Yummy," and it stars that pastel pink hair.

Another tweeted, "Justin Bieber looks so cute with pink hair ????????????," while yet another fan posted, "Hailey Bieber so lucky.

From the looks of his Instagram, Bieber has ditched the pink hair since filming the video, most recently being seen with a platinum blonde style.

Back in November 2019, Justin Bieber was spotted with his normally dirty-blonde hair dyed an entirely unexpected shade of pastel pink.

In the "Yummy" video, which debuted on Saturday, January 4, we see Bieber in what appears to be a hotel ballroom or dining hall, enjoying a wide array of dishes with a rotating cast of guests seated at his table.

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